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Commit to the Equity and Inclusion Challenge today.

Committed to transforming practices within our professional community, NCNOMA and AIANC have partnered to elevate diversity, equity and inclusion. Our goal is to identify, encourage and celebrate environments where all architects in North Carolina belong, especially those marginalized by the field and systems of inequity. As outlined in the MOU established between the two organizations in 2020, we seek to influence change by providing resources that encourage tangible change.  We are taking the next step forward by launching the Equity and Inclusion Challenge and Award.  In advance of  the 2023 award,  a year-long Equity and Inclusion Challenge acts as a voluntary call to action for all architecture and design firms around the state. The challenge includes monthly recommendations and resources for participants to take actionable steps to move the needle forward. We are not looking for perfection, but we are looking to celebrate progress.

We are here to help.


Thanks for submitting!

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